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Contest update:

Edina Girls Sports Summit is our 2019 Bold New Idea winner.

Thank you to all twenty groups/individuals who submitted a Bold New Idea. Congratulations to all five of our finalists who prepared videos and presented their ideas at our April 4th event. A crowd-sourced initiative, all event attendees made it possible for us to fund the 2019 Bold New Idea.

We’re excited to welcome the Edina Girls Sports Summit to our Community Impact Program and hope to help our four other finalists to operationalize their ideas!

Our 2019 Contest Finalists (in alpha order):

Edina Entertainers presented by Kira Hoedeman

Envision a trio from Edina High School Orchestra at 50th & France on a beautiful spring afternoon playing Vivaldi to entertain shoppers and passers-by and encouraging our youngest residents to pursue the magic of music. Or, on a cool fall evening, a lyrical dance group sharing their love of dance at the bandshell at Centennial Lakes. This well-organized set of performances would have the goal of creating a spot of happiness in our community. Unexpected, but with unlimited potential to spread cheer. The public would delight in experiencing three seasons of short public space performances showcasing Edina’s talented fine arts community.


Program update: New Community Impact Fund established and partially funded by ECF Founders Club Fund

Edina Girls Sport Summit presented by the Junior Varsity Board of Her Next Play (Lilly Green, Joely Emerson, Claire Wegmann-Krider, Lila Emerson, Carolina Cultu, Olivia Wegmann-Krider, and Molly Bennett)

This bold idea is to host an annual event for girls and sports leadership in Edina - the Her Next Play Edina Girls Sport Summit. This event will celebrate Edina athletes and inspire girls to stay in sports and develop their leadership skills. The event will feature a top sports female role model as well as experts in mental toughness, leadership, teamwork, risk-taking, and confidence to come teach Edina athletes.  


Program update: New Community Impact Fund established and fully funded by Bold New Idea Event contributions

Edina Mural Project presented by Julie Greene

Art represents what’s possible. Joy has the power to make meaningful and mindful connections. Under the leadership of Minnesota-based GoodSpace Murals, our community would collectively create a series of high quality murals (on canvas) for permanent display in public spaces in Edina. The process of the mural creation is what makes The Edina Mural Project effective and bold. For each mural, phase one invites our community to share their unique expressions and interests in creating the specific design with an artist. Phase two is a series of Painting Parties for all to join sparking conversations and unexpected connections, and phase three is the community Reveal Celebration giving us an opportunity to celebrate an exciting and joyful experience together. Phase four is the final mural that splashes joy in Edina, reminding us that we are all connected, for years to come.


Seed to Feed: School Farm to Table presented by Clover Hackett for the Concord Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee at Concord Elementary School wants to enhance the current outdoor vegetable garden with a “farm to table” focus for students and the Edina community. Several features would be added to provide Extended Season and Water Conservation practices. This will enable the vegetables and herbs to be grown by students from early spring to late fall using mini-greenhouse coverings of the current raised bed gardens. The foods that are harvested would be used as part of the school lunch program. A simple drip irrigation system would be installed with an opportunity for students to learn about good watering practices. In addition, a trellis system would be added to the garden beds to provide additional space for growing.


Step to It Challenge presented by Nicole Gorman

Step To It is a community-wide activity challenge that motivates people of all ages and abilities to become more physically active during the month of May. The initiative runs May 1-28 every year. 2019 will be the first year that Edina is offering this program within the community. There will be a kick-off event at Rosland Park on Saturday, April 27.  


Program update: New Community Impact Fund (CIF) established and funded by Edina Parks & Recreation CIF and Edina Senior Center CIF