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What is your BOLD NEW IDEA for Edina?

The Edina Community Foundation is launching this contest to help spur innovation in our community. We are the nonprofit partner of more than 65 community organizations—its a part of our mission that we are passionate about.

We helped eleven new organizations launch in 2018, and we help them navigate a variety of tasks: nonprofit filing, bookkeeping, insurance, year end reporting, event registrations, donations, and more.

Put your BOLD NEW IDEA into action in 2019!

Bold New Idea Contest Details

What’s so great about this contest? We are providing up to $5,000 in seed funding to get your idea off the ground!

  • We will accept idea submissions between January 14 and February 11, 2019.

  • Three finalists will be selected and notified by February 22.

  • Between February 22nd and March 28th, we will publicize your elevator pitch via video to the broader community so they can hear about your idea and help to select the 2019 recipient.

  • The winner will be selected at an event on April 4, (5-7 pm). Event attendees will select the recipient. The event will be ticketed, and the funds for the grant will be sourced from ticket sales.

Bring your idea for your children’s school, organization, neighborhood park, or business district. Or an idea that you’ve been dreaming up that would make an impact on our Edina community. The winner will be a new Community Impact Partner of the Edina Community Foundation, and we’ll help you make your idea a reality!