The Edina Challenge team has identified four initiatives that....



A collaboration of congregations has recognized the issue of homelessness in suburban cities and has worked to develop housing and support for teens (and families).

The lead congregational partner is Edina Community Lutheran Church, with strong support from other nearby congregations. Click to download and print our FAQ sheet. Download a brochure here. 

The Edina Challenge Team of the Edina Community Foundation has endorsed this project.



In the summer of 2013, the Edina Challenge was created as a pilot program for children in need attending Edina Public Schools. The goal was to develop a mentoring program that would provide support to students struggling within the school environment. These conversations were the catalyst for creating One2One

For more information about One2One or how to become a mentor, visit


Food Insecurity

1 in 11 1 in 11 Households in Minnesota are affected by hunger. Hunger is an urban, suburban and rural problem. There is no corner of the state where hunger does not exist. In Hennepin County the food insecurity rate is 10.9%. 39% of those families are above the 185% poverty level