About the Connect Card

The Edina Community Foundation runs the Connect Card Program, a program to help under-resourced Edina kids access extra-curricular activities in the community. 

The Edina Challenge team envisioned a program that would provide a dignified way for struggling Edina families to access existing scholarship opportunities.  The Edina Community Foundation developed the idea, creating the current Connect Card.  The Connect Card program allows struggling families a one-stop-shop opportunity to access scholarship dollars throughout Edina and for various activities.  

Currently we have six community partners that accept the Connect Card: Southdale YMCA, City of Edina (Edina Parks & Recreation), Edina Basketball Association, Edina Baseball Association, Edina Football Association and the Edina Girls Athletic Association.

Learn more about our community partners and the benefits they offer Connect Card participants:

Apply online for a connect card: